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Fairytale I : Banana+Cupcake
Once upon a time there was a delicious princess Cupcake that lived in the great land of Bakery. She was the daughter of the king of Bakery and the elegant queen of Bakery, who was from the coastal city of Cordonbleu, and she was very lonely. She had the most beautiful icing in Bakery, the most loyal muffins as her attendants, entertainment from the jester Crueller, and occasional visits from her relatives from across the Shelves, the Bagels, but Cupcake was bored. The icing wasn't enough, the entertainment was stale, and the visits long past their due date. Her parents, conspiring to marry Cupcake to a suitor soon, invited all of the eligible princes from the kingdoms surrounding Bakery. Prince Starch of Drynclean was a stuffed shirt; Prince Fleur of Floret was a bit too flowery for Cupcake to be around (he was doting on Prince Cocao of Chocolate far more than she anyways). Even from across the Road, princes came from Postale and Bistro and even from the far reaches of Targette. Finall
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I see where this is going... :iconkukakashi:kukakashi 0 0 Mitch Sawyer :iconkukakashi:kukakashi 2 0 Homage to OUAC :iconkukakashi:kukakashi 3 3 Field of Dreams :iconkukakashi:kukakashi 0 0
Work for Me - Parody
Work for Me
(Parody of "Gives You Hell" by AAR)
I wake up every mornin'
thinkin' 'bout some D&D
and my calculus III.
While you're still probably sleepin'
I study for E.E.
and wonder what I'll be.
When I graduate,
you will work for me
it will be funny.
When I'm your boss,
you will worship me,
buy my coffee.
And where's your Ph.D., love?
And your Bachelor's degree?
You can't argue with me.
You haven't paid your rent, love,
or your electricity.
Now you're in poverty.
When you're gone, won't miss you.
When I'm gone, you're failing.
When I graduate,
You can work for me.
I'll hire you for free.
Play my X-Box
and my Halo 3
while you slave for me.
'cause while you play I work all day
we both agree
now you're a jerk,
I'm just nerdy,
but you'll work for me.
Cubicles, baby.
*8-bit guitar solo*
And later, you'll remember all your fails
and think of all you've done.
Can't say that you have won.
When you're gone, won't miss you.
When I'm gone, you're failing.
When I graduate,
you will work for me
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Reality Check :iconkukakashi:kukakashi 0 1
Jabberwock Personified
Holy Mary, Mother of God.
Over the whispered silence that enveloped the dawn-lit graveyard, all Angela could hear was the sound of her own sobbing, outlined with the dull thud of her heart as it beat relentlessly in her throat. Before her was a small marble slab embedded in the ground and, even though she could barely see through her tearful eyes, Angela knew what it said. Michelle Rotheburn, 1961 - 2010 Her mother.
Pray for us sinners, now,
Angela was completely alone. Her father was no longer in the picture; no, he had long since left Angela and her mother to fend for themselves, scraping what cash they could from selling their home and living out of their small sedan to survive. Angela had no relatives who were still alive, she had no idea where her father had gone, and the car was totaled from the accident. With no one and nothing to her name, how was Angela supposed to hold on to her hope? Her luck had run out, the fates were preparing to cut her life's thread, and t
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Speak of the Devil - 1
Everything had been prepared for this moment.  The swamp dragon blood was neatly arranged in a circle, smeared a bit at the top when the dragon had woken from its drugged slumber and become very irritated.  Bordering that were several dark brown candles, borrowed from the Unseen University's famous candle stack, and as close to black as Barnett could find on short notice. Skulls of chickens and stray dogs were positioned between the candles, each glaring at each other with their blank sockets.  At the center was a the horn of a rhinocerous.  The trouble with using dark magic, as Barnett had found during the seven months that he had apprenticed at the University, was that the ingredients were very choosy - eye of newt, lion's scrotum, dragon blood, hen's tooth. He hoped and prayed to many gods that the rhinocerous horn, taken from his father's taxodermic collection, would be a suitable substitute for unicorn horn and that it wouldn't explode in hi
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Red Dot :iconkukakashi:kukakashi 0 0
Sepulcher Sky
'Twixt heaven where the angels fly
and the scattered earth below,
a doleful band of sepulcher sky
is where the lost must go.
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Alice - Part 4
Alice stumbled behind the Rabbit and she sighed, almost giving up. "What strange behaviour he has. My goodness, have they all changed as much as the White Rabbit? He was certain that he did not know me and called me an imposter! I am no imposter! I am Alice Kingsley..." she mumbled, catching her breath while leaning on one of the trees.
After catching her breath though, the nineteen year old continued the way that the White Rabbit went, figuring that he had been late for tea at the Hatter's. After walking a good five minutes, Alice exited the forest and came upon the Mad Hatter's home. "Mr. Rabbit? Hatter? Are either of you here?"
A crash and a clatter later, a pair of grey grizzled ears poked out from the window. With much muttering and condemnation of lack of proper footstools, the March Hare appeared, his head jutting out just above the flowers that bloomed outside the Hatter's house. "Are you here for tea? You're extremely early, but very late." The crazy hare chuckled, his long ea
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Alice - Part 3
It had come to the White Rabbit's attention that he would never be on time.
"Oh, dear." the Rabbit muttered as he hopped swiftly to his door, the numerous clocks his dwelling housed chiming in dissonance to signal the time. He was late, dreadfully, unequivocally late, and the Rabbit knew in his heart that the Red Queen would not be pleased. "I must hurry, yes, yes." He took a shortcut that passed through the land that the Queen of hearts had forbidden, for it had been the place where Alice was first found. She believed that if they ignored its existence, the rabbit hole which Alice had come through would simply disappear. Perhaps it would, but the Rabbit doubted such would occur.
The White Rabbit pulled his pocket watch out as he bounded through the bushes and trees, glancing at the time. No, he was still late. With a sigh and a whimper, the Rabbit replaced the pocket watch in his vest pocket, and the thumping noise of his feet sped up. He'd be lucky to have his head at the end of the
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Alice - Part 2
Going throughout the day to day life in the normal world was quite distressing to Alice. She had a chance at love in her dreams-the dreams that were so vivid, so real-but at the end of the night, when she first started to wake from her slumber, she declined the proposal, the chance at love. Some might have said that she was a madwoman for declining the chance at a wonderful happy life. On the contrary, Alice believed that she was quite sane; possibly saner than any other person she knew.
You see, Alice had always been a daydreamer. Whenever she was with her sister sitting out in the garden, Alice would doze off into a world of fantasy. These were her daydreams, her saviors. The daydreams saved her from the boring adult world. One particular day, she dreamed a world far away where you had to paint the roses red. Wonderland was what it was called. The dream was an exciting one, filled with adventure and mystery. Alice controlled every aspect of it. She controlled the people, the events,
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